Evictions in the Real World

Evictions can often become expensive, frustrating, and at worst, a fruitless undertaking. That’s why Xpello brought together a team of experienced professionals who have developed an innovative, affordable, legal solution for landlords and rental agents, created specifically to simplify the eviction process when tenants refuse to keep to their side of a rental agreement. More often than not, property owners and rental agents take all the necessary precautions to ensure the tenant signing the lease is reliable and capable of meeting their obligations. But despite proper vetting and confirmation of references, it still happens that the tenant defaults. As an agent or landlord, one can issue a Letter of Demand and cancel the lease. But then what?

If an attorney is approached a deposit is required and legal fees of approximately R30 000 will need to be paid. The owner must decide what steps to take and where to find an attorney to attend to the matter. Once the process begins, it needs to be managed. But how does one know if the correct procedure is being followed?

Xpello exists to give agents and landlords an edge by managing the eviction process and costs on their behalf. An attorney specialising in evictions will be appointed by Xpello to attend to the matter – and the attorney will report to Xpello. Because of its extensive experience and skills base, Xpello is able to ensure all processes are dealt with, timeously and correctly.

The Landlord’s Dilemma

Our vast experience in the complex field eviction legislation helped us identify some of the obstacles often encoutered by Landlords:-

Landlords expect Managing Agents to evict defaulting tenants as part of their service, while Managing Agents do not have the authority, knowledge or the systems to execute evictions. When appointing an attorney, the Landlord is often uninformed as to the attorney’s level of proficiency to efficiently and cost-effectively execute evictions.

Landlords seldom have the time to attend to litigation and often suffer avoidable damages when left to their own devices when dealing with delinquent tenants. They usually need someone to manage the legal processes on their behalf.

All too often, during an eviction process, attorneys do not provide sufficient feedback to clients regarding whether costly delays are caused due to normal process, unforeseen circumstances or due to the attorney’s own incompetence.

Landlords have no means to determine in advance whether the legal costs they are quoted, or charged for, are fair or realistic and can easily end up paying much more than they would otherwise be obliged to.

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