Never lose another night’s sleep over problem tenants

for less than R140 per month

Even when you’re out of reach, trust Xpello to ensure your delinquent tenant will be legally processed and even evicted if necessary. Saving you all the cost and trouble.

Experts in Charge

Experts manage the process, ensuring correct procedures are followed.


Low Cost

A small contribution prevents large capital outlays when a problem arises.


Best Resolve

Correct action taken timeously minimises cost and losses in rental income.


Innovative, cost-saving property investment process solutions

for landlords and leasing agents

The Delinquent Tenant Problem

Despite thorough screening, tenants still default on their rental payments and when that happens, letting agents and landlords can take matters only so far before having to consult an attorney anyway. Due to the technical nature of evictions an eviction attorney’s expertise is vital to the outcome of an eviction application with costs often running into many tens of thousands of Rand.

The Xpello solution

Specialised eviction and property investment process management that takes all the hassles of instituting legal action, which may include the eviction of a problem tenant, out of the hands of rental agents and landlords for a small monthly contribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Xpello?

Xpello SA is a Johannesburg based private company formed and run by the directors of specialist property law firm, SSLR Inc. Their property litigation expertise goes back several years during which time they have served numerous small as well as listed clients. They also serve on the Law Society’s panel of experts and work closely with TPN on landlord/tenant related legal matters.

How does it work?

With Xpello, agents and landlords can now enjoy a carefree rental term with instant access to critical legal services when tenants misbehave… without the legal bills.

The agent on behalf of the owner can sign up with Xpello or the owner can become a direct client. Copies of the lease agreement and relevant FICA documents and an undertaking that vetting was done will need to be provided when applying for the service. Should the tenant default, the agent or owner will be able to proceed to demand payment. In the event the tenant fails to remedy despite all demands, the matter is referred to Xpello. Xpello will confirm whether the Letter of Demand complied with the lease agreement and Consumer Protection Act (CPA). If all is in order Xpello will cancel the lease agreement and instruct the firm of attorneys to proceed with an eviction.

To sign up, give us a call or send us a message from the contact form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Which lease agreements will qualify?

Any written lease agreement will qualify, and the owner of the lease can become a member at any stage, does not have to wait for a lease agreement to start. Xpello will further guide clients with regards to their lease agreements.

What is the cost and what will it cover?

A monthly instalment will be payable from the date of an application until such time as the lease agreement is terminated or cancelled.

This monthly fee will cover the cost from the time of referral to the appropriate attorney for an eviction, until the date when the eviction order is granted. Should the occupant not vacate, the attorneys will assist in issuing the Warrant of Ejectment. However, any further costs will be for the property owner’s account. Xpello will however negotiate a discount on the attorney’s fees for any further processes.

The monthly fee will be a maximum of R140 per month per lease agreement. For the first four months of being a client, an eviciton will only cost our client R6000. An eviciton will cost our clients R3000 should an evction be required during month 5 and 6 of being a client and thereafter it will be free.

How to apply?

Applications need to conform to certain requirements and are therefore subject to approval by Xpello. Apply online here or alternatively the application forms can be downloaded here and once completed and signed, it can be e-mailed to for approval and acceptance.

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